Friday, September 26, 2014

Cinnamon Swirl Teabread

Week 4, recipe 4 ~ Cinnamon Swirl Teabread found on page 36

  I was excited that this recipe called for a "Kugelhopf mold"...that meant that I could at long last try out our Italian made knock-off that came home with us from an estate sale a long time ago.  Smiles!
  Confession: I made a blunder with this recipe- I forgot to add the eggs...but only for a few minutes!  I mixed it up, and went to tell my folks how it was NOT a "smooth, very soft dough", and how irritated it made me, and I was thinking "Pride goes before a fall"!  
   Dad asked if I should add more milk, and I said something like "no, because you know it's next to impossible to mix more liquids in to a dough...", Mom agreed, and said something (I don't remember what) that made me suddenly realize that I had completely forgotten to add the eggs!  
   So, I rushed back to the kitchen, and added the eggs....what a sticky mess, but I did get them mixed in (not smooth and pretty, but mixed in!) ! (It's a good thing that this recipe held NO cautions about over mixing.) 

~ Serve with butter.  Ms. Mayhew says to serve with tea; I think that cocoa would be fine too, but butter is a must. =)
~ Or serve topped with Apples (slow cooker recipe here- I cooked on high for 4-5 hours, with no topping,  brown sugar (instead of white) & added 2-3 T. Butter), Vanilla ice cream & Pecans!  YUM!

~ The recipe calls for unsalted butter, but this bread needs the salt- go ahead and use salted butter...maybe even add more salt...
~ This is the first cake/bread that I ended up increasing the baking time (12min.).  =O
~  One should make sure to lower the oven rack (the middle of the oven is too high) cake rose beautifully, only to burn on top terribly! Sigh!
~ Next time,  I think that I would sprinkle chopped nuts between the layers, and maybe even cook up some chopped apples (like crisp filling) and sprinkle them in between the layers too! (Dad said raisins and Mom said nuts and cream cheese!)   
~ If your family has been avoiding yeasty bread type products this is an easy way to get some love and appreciation! 
This 1960's kitchen looks like the kind that a cake like mine could have come from!
(read about the kitchen HERE)


Anonymous said...

very tasty
Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Sounds so yummy!!! You are a wonderful baker Adrienne!! =D


Anonymous said...

How would we know (that it was tasty)? Cannot find the recipe at the link AT all!

~Aunt Julia

Anonymous said...

I love cinnamon bread/pastry things!
~ Rebekah