Friday, October 24, 2014

Pineapple and Coconut Squares

 Week 8, recipe 7 ~  
                  Pineapple and Coconut Squares found on page 42

Mmm...this week's cake has butter, coconut and pineapple in the cake,  topped with a butter & cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with toasted coconut!   (yes, the cake had the taste of butter)
I think that my Papa would like this one....

~I strained the crushed pineapple as instructed, and then went and accidentally dumped the whole thing in the cake anyway...but I don't believe that it suffered any.  =)
~Check it early, the cake was a little (at least) over done at 27minutes, so my suggestion is 20-25min. 
~This recipe called for toasted coconut...I've never toasted coconut before, so I looked around and found the instructions ((HERE- I used the stove top method)).
~This cake made me think of what an old cookbook or magazine may call  "lunch box cake"...just a quick, easy cake that a good wife or mother could just pop in the lunch box.

Maybe this Mother made such a recipe for her three girls!?  =)

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Anonymous said...

It was very good and I think it probably needed the extra (accidental) pineapple juice! The best so far!