Thursday, January 29, 2015

Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies

Week 22, recipe 19 ~ Double Chocolate Chunk Brownies found on page 47 be truthful with you, this was my second attempt to make these brownies- the first time, I assumed that the recipe called for an 8X8 pan, so they were WAY too think, and burnt on top, and generally overdone.   The second time, I got the pan size right!  BUT the recipe states that the brownies will be firm to the touch...well, they were firm at 26 minutes, but they where NOT done. No were near done~ sigh!  So, I popped them back in the oven, and the top ended up super eyes are burning! =p   So, we cut the tops off and served them with spray whipped cream.

~I'm not sure how you would know when these were actually done...more than 26 minutes and less than 40 minutes is all I can say.

Coffee Pot Cafe in Ponca City
~They are chocolatey...1 & 1/4 LB of semi-sweet chocolate went into this 12 serving pan of brownies!

 ~A lot of Mara Hubbard's Organic Pecans (that we soaked and dried) are IN these brownies!

~While this recipe calls for a lot of butter, you really can't taste it. 

~For the everyday kind of person: If you want a chocolatey brownie that tastes buttery, just buy a "Pillsbury Family-Size Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix" and instead of the oil & water that it calls for use: 1 stick of melted butter & the little bit of water that you would need to make the total right....those are super good! =)

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Suzanne said...

these look so good...and beautiful!!

Darleen Weston said...

I simple have loved watching all your post about Pearls in the Kitchen!!