Friday, September 5, 2014

Applecake Bars

 Week 1, recipe 1 ~ Applecake Bars found on page 56  

I think they look very pretty- I've never made a layered treat of any kind before this one...half the batter, half the apples and do it again. =)  The glaze is just "Lady Liberty" Apricot Preserves from Egypt (melted), found at Big Lots for only one dollar!

Sarah said that she liked the topping:  (Demerara sugar/Cinnamon/Apricot glaze)
"It's a really nice topping for people who don't like frosting"

~You should serve this cake while still somewhat warm- it kind of dried out in a few hours.
~The recipe calls for "3 Tbsp. baking powder", I did not think about it being a lot and just put it in- while baking it smelled really strong...but it tasted fine! =)
~I would make this again, but would use more apples!

Maybe this recipe should be served in a kitchen like this one:


Anonymous said...

What a cute blog and this cake looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm....those look really good!