Monday, December 22, 2014

Passion Cake (recipe too!)

Week 16, recipe 14 ~ Passion Cake found on page 95 

 I'd never had a Passion Cake before...or even heard of one...come to find out, it's a carrot cake with mashed banana in it!  =)
2 of the Hutchins' girls (ahemm...ladies) came and helped us eat & critique this cake.  
I much fun as it is to make all these new cakes, I'm really wanting to make  something tried and true. =/
~The cake would have been MUCH better had I remembered to SET the kitchen timer! it was it was perfectly over baked. (I'm being sarcastic, you know!)
~I added 1/2 tea. Salt...another time I think I may increase that a little.
~Mara Hubbard's Organic Pecans (that we soaked and dried) are IN and ON this cake! =)
~The frosting:  Not having the fresh Orange Peel that the recipe called for, I used about 1 & 1/4tea. Powdered Orange peel & maybe 1T. Orange Juice Concentrate. The light orange flavor was really nice with the carrot/banana cake.  
~Another time I would add crushed pineapple to the frosting.

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Anonymous said...

It makes me smile knowing how much you enjoy the pecans!
~Marah Hubbard