Friday, January 2, 2015

Chocolate and Raspberry Torte (NOT!)

 Week 18, recipe 15 ~ 
                  Chocolate and Raspberry Torte found on page 64
It is hard to tell the size of this cake- the whole thing was 3" X 8"!

Never again. NEVER AGAIN, I tell you!!!!!

The Genoise cake is supposed to be a basic cake...I've made 3- two chocolate & one coffee (here)....I'd like to pull my hair out or cry. Maybe both. 

(the situation made me think of Julie's meltdown while trussing the chicken...or whatever it was that she was doing).....Heavy Sigh.......just so you all know (and so you don't accidentally ask me to bake a Genoise) it is the last cake of this type that I'll ever bake.

This week's cake was supposed to to look kind of like a large Oreo cooky- simply bake a chocolate sponge cake, slice it in half horizontally, place half the cake in an 8" spring form pan (waxed paper lined), add a mound of Orange whipped cream with Raspberries & Dark Chocolate with the other half of cake, press and freeze!  Easy right?!   My cake was SO flat. Mom encouraged me to make I did.  Again, SO flat...sigh.

How should it be fixed? Mom and I thought just turn it into a Frozen Trifle!  =)  My Friends & Family enjoyed it, and said that had I not told them it was "not right", they would not have known.

~I did not cry.
~ Make a regular chocolate Sponge Cake.
~Again we did not have "Orange Liqueur", so we used 1T. Brandy and 3T. Organic Orange Juice Concentrate.

Filling recipe:
   Whip into soft peaks:
     1 Tablespoon Brandy and 3 Tablespoons Organic Orange Juice Concentrate
     1 Tablespoon Powdered Sugar
     2 cups Heavy Whipping Cream
   Fold in:
     about 6oz fresh or frozen Raspberries
     2 oz (or 50g) Bittersweet Chocolate, at least 50% (I used 70%), grated
If you are making it like mine, fold in one layer of chocolate cake, too.
Freeze for 4 hours in a wax paper lined 8" spring-form pan, remove from pan and slice and serve!  

 Makes 8 generous servings. 


Anonymous said...

Very rich and satisfying.
~Sarah H. H.

Anonymous said...

It was really good; nice save, Adrienne!
-Andrew D.

Anonymous said...

It looks delicious Adrienne!
~Aunt Juanita

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Your torte looks amazing. Some of my best creations have happened because I messed up the original recipe. I read the Coffee, Maple, Pecan Cake blog. I partially freeze cakes I need to torte then use the dental floss method instead of a long knife. ~Tracy

Anonymous said...

YUM....that looks really good!!
~Mrs. Bee

McKee Family said...

It was better when it thawed a little....nice save! =)


Anonymous said...

It was better when it thawed a little....yes, a good save!