Thursday, January 8, 2015

Classic Cheesecake without Blackberry Topping

Week 19, recipe 16 ~ Classic Cheesecake without Blackberry Topping found on page 80

I've only made one other cheesecake before this- and it was your typical cheesecake.  This one called for separating the 3 eggs, and beating the yolks with the sugar, adding the rest of the ingredients except the egg whites, which you beat into stiff peaks, and then carefully fold in.  I can now say that I like folding in egg is fun!

Dad is a Plain Cheesecake man, and I am NOT a fan of Blackberries, so those are the reasons why I did not make the topping.  
Mom topped hers with Peach Jam.
Dad used Peach Jam & Picalilli.
I ate mine plain.
Sarah had Chocolate syrup.

~I used approximately 20 squares/one package/140g Graham Crackers for the crust.
~The baking time was off again- 45 minutes was too long.
~This is a Plain Cheesecake, the lovely yellow color is due to the fact I used golden free-range eggs (from:
~Maggie calls for 2 teaspoons of dry lemon peel, I thought that it was too much- a little bitter or harsh?  Next time I would cut back.
Random cute family, in Grandma's kitchen

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Anonymous said...

I need some of your cheesecake Adrienne,
It looks so yummy, the chocolate looks good too. ~Perla