Friday, January 16, 2015

Frosted Lime Bars

Week 20, recipe 17 ~ Frosted Lime Bars found on page 58

Elizabeth brought her 3000 piece jigsaw puzzle over- it completely covered the top of our kitchen table!  What we accomplished was a mere drop in the bucket, but it was fun, and we ended the evening with this cake.  I thought that "Frosted Lime Bars" would be something like lemon bars, so I confess I was a little disappointed that it was a cake that looked like cornbread, with green "whiskers" on top!  But it tasted SO good!

How do you like this little kitchen?
~The flavor was very good, but that was no surprise because it had 2t. lime peel in the cake, and the topping was 6T. fresh squeezed lime juice, 4t. lime peel & 1/2c. sugar.   Very bright!
~This cake is very much like a pound cake- equal parts butter/sugar/flour/eggs.
~Here again, the lovely yellow color is due to the fact I used golden free-range eggs (from:!
~Be careful with the baking time- Mrs. Mayhew said 40 minutes, it tested done at 35 minutes, but we found the center was NOT done!  I just cut it out, placed it in a little loaf pan- and tossed it in the oven for 15ish minutes. =)

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Anonymous said...

It was VERY good, very citrusey! How do you spell that? And it was eating the leftovers that made us decide that we should always send the rest of the cake home with the guests...never keep it around! ~Mom