Friday, February 20, 2015

Strawberry Ice Cream Angel Cake

Week 25, recipe 22 ~ Strawberry Ice Cream Angel Cake found on page 62

 My first angel-food cake...instead of being about 4" tall, it was less than 2" tall! =)  I think that I had complications during the mixing...I felt like I was folding in the egg whites okay, but I could HEAR the air bubbles popping. =[  Also, the bottom of the cake seemed to be a little crunchy with sugar granules. =]  
This was one of those split in half, fill & freeze in the spring-form pan, and then get it out 30 minutes before serving recipes, and perfect for a Valentine party!
I believe that this picture is a gas range ad.

 ~I kind of wonder if British ice cream is harder- more like homemade ice cream, because 30 minutes thaw time is too long & "melty"!
~ Strawberry Jelly is hard to find in all parts of the country I found out, but I did not want to order it from Amazon, so I went to Big Lots, and got the most non lumpy looking preserves with the best looking ingredient list- it was Polish. (I just picked out the whole strawberries) 
~READ more clearly next time- the strawberry "jelly" was suppose to be the bottom layer, topped with the strawberry ice cream, but I divided it (& so had to use more) between the top and bottom- like a sandwich!
 ~I thought that I would use the dental floss & tooth pick trick to cut the cake in half...let me tell you- it may work fine on a regular cake, but not the Angel Cake! Angel food cakes are too rubbery/ I was pulling, I could not help thinking of one of those lose weight ads- you know the kind with the tape measure cutting into the flesh... 
~It was not a hard cake to make, I'd try it again. =)
~Rather than buying wimpy off season strawberries to top it, I gave it a dusting of powdered sugar.

Only 9 more days (& 2 cakes!) to enter the cookbook giveaway!  (or tell your friends to enter)

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