Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blueberry Gateau (recipe too!)

Blueberry Gateau (cake) clipped from a Country Living magazine (August 2001)

Delicious, simple, easy, fresh berry cake. I have plans to bake more! =)

Let me know if you need a better copy....

~ Next time I think that I would use more salt- say 1/4t.
~ Maybe I would add a little lemon to the cake batter....
~ Thanks to Mom's suggestion, I only baked the cake for 50 minutes, and I probably should have paid a little more attention to it and probably could have pulled it a few minutes earlier. 
~ I could have used Hawkins Berries, but I did not have them at the time. You could~ find them HERE!

~ Here again, I used golden free-range eggs (from:!

Serve a Blueberry Gateau to anyone, any time of day! =)


Sherri Maines said...

Hmmm, could you, would you, print the recipe directions to be a little bit bigger??? Would love to try this with my Hawkins berries!

Sherri Maines said...

What kind of flour do you use? I was thinking of sprouted white?

McKee Family said...

I used the Organic White from Costco, I would think that sprouted white would work fine. I want to try it with VITA-SPELT White Spelt flour sometime.

Anonymous said...

It was so good!

McKee Family said...

Yummy! I think it would be good with other fresh summer fruits! I'm glad I clipped that recipe collection long ago...this was the first recipe we've made from it. Maybe we'll try some of the others!

Love you!


Sherri Maines said...

It was a hit at our house too! Thanks for sharing the recipe!