Friday, October 13, 2017

Chocolate Pudding Pies (recipe link too)

How do you like these little baby Chocolate Pudding Pies?  I made them for an upcoming lunch date. I've never made a chocolate pie before, but during the last lunch I was (good-naturedly) requested/ordered (by a 4-5 year old) to bring chocolate pie next I was easy and SO, SO tasty!  I thought that I could see more such pies in my future... (Recipe HERE) ...It was one of those times that mine did NOT look like the picture. Oh, well. 
It was also one of those recipes that acted like pudding, not pie. It would not thicken, and I don't know what I did wrong. BUT, IT TASTED REALLY GOOD!!!!

 (I just love this new blog I found!  Monet has such a way with photographs and words...! )
~I baked the 2.5" circles of dough over the bottoms of an upside-down pan: find instructions here
~We had no milk, so I used Cream
~Per Mom's suggestion I increased the Cornstarch by 1 Tablespoon
~Used one of Mom's Famous Pie Crusts (recipe here)
~If I was making them for children, I think that I would cut the cocoa powder a bit, for adults, use it all! 

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